The Concept

"I didn’t inherit it from my grand-mother, I found it in a marvelous box."

This is what you’ll reply when guests compliment these crystal glasses and
silver cutlery, this delightful crockery and crisp tablecloth, in colours evoking
the sky or pure light. If your guests would like to know more, you might add that these miniature masterpieces were patiently and lovingly collected throughout France by two Parisians, then subtly assembled in order to inspire an impromptu scene: an intimate dinner with your hero or your sweetheart, a lasting moment among friends, a Chenonceau-style tea party, or a Glyndebourne picnic.

Then, in a whisper of cotton and the clinking of crystal, within the arabesques engraved upon the cutlery or the mood created by the decoration on a plate, you will notice that these objects, in addition to their force and their beauty, hum with poetry. You’ll surprise yourself by lighting a candle rather than a lamp, or wrapping yourself in silk beneath cashmere, or whipping up some new delight for the taste buds, by how much these objects inspire you to create your very own « art de vivre ».

And why «Le Chant du Coq»? Flamboyant creature, awakening with the dawn, the rossignol embodies a joyful blend of tradition, creativity, and French savoir-faire. Cocorico!

Within the whisper of its antique linens, the clinking of engraved or chiseled crystal glasses, behind the arabesque of finely wrought or engraved cutlery, and the beauty of its finely-designed earthenware plates, you will find that, beyond its beauty and substance, the Chant du Coq collection hums with poetry.

These unique pieces will inspire you in surprising ways, and you will find yourself lighting a candelabra instead of an electric light, wrapping yourself in layers of silk and cashmere, whipping up an exquisite meal, and creating your very own art of living.

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Every one of these marvelous gift boxes is unique, each is different.

In each beautifully designed chest, covered in ink-coloured linen, nesting in a bed of tissue paper, you will find:

- 2 antique crystal glasses,
- 2 sets of sterling silver or silver-plated cutlery, enveloped in linen napkin casing,
- 3 vintage plates,
- 1 brocade or embroidered tablecloth, hand-dyed in muted colours,
- 2 small linen napkins or handkerchiefs hand-dyed in matching tones.

Every single item in the gift box is distinctively beautiful, and the mismatched pieces have been selected to form a harmonious ensemble, enveloped in hand-dyed, antique linen pockets and sealed with scarlet cotton ribbon .

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Patricia and Catherine, two Parisiennes, friends for years, have combined their talents to give birth to a beautiful project celebrating French savoir-faire, craftsmanship and l'art de la table.

Patricia, whose eponymous fashion collection drew beelines of chic women to her Montmartre boutique for 20 years, has now turned her hand and eye to unearthing antique treasures.

It was while renovating her country house in France’s Loire Valley that Patricia developed a passion for interior design and fine art. Graced with her eye for style, she combed flea markets and antique shops to fill each room of her country home with unique treasures, blended with just the right touch of the bohemian chic native to her Parisian neighborhood, the Marais.

Coming from the world of luxury, Catherine envisioned a way to capture the ultra-hip, yet singularly French atmosphere of Patricia’s country house in the form of a gift box…

And Le Chant du Coq was born!

My Little Paris

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France 24

Vintage decoration.
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